Rob Howbrook has been selected as member of the month for March following his recent half Rob Howbrookmarathon performances at Sleaford and Grantham.

    In Sleaford he was the only member to PB in the mud and high winds and in the hills of Grantham not only did he lop minutes of his previous best but he was the only runner to break 70% on the WMA scoring.

    With a background in cycling Rob has always been fast at the Parkrun distance but a winter of hard work since he joined the club has seen him add stamina to his natural speed. If this rate of progress continues he could be challenging for prizes in one of the toughest vet categories around.

  • Age:MV55
  • Occupation I am a principal building control officer at south kesteven district council
  • Years Running About a year and a half.
  • Favourite race The Sleaford half was a nice race
  • Least favourite race I have not run in to many races yet to have an opinion. All are different with challenge to prepare for.
  • Why did you start running. I enjoy being outside in the wind rain and sunshine and compliments other interest walking trips hill walks etc. which are far more interesting than being in a gym. The run to the gym would be more fun than using some of the machines. In fact I have never been on a running machine. Thinking back to school and college days I ran cross country at school and some orienteering later that may have some bearing on starting running. In 2012 I purchased some running shoes of the internet with the intention of doing some running for training and fitness and have gradually built up from then. The first runs were from home about once a week and then to Belton park and out into the Vale of Belvoir and various routes using local knowledge of paths and lanes. At Christmas 2012 I went running with my daughter Anna home from university and nephew Tom works abroad. From last summer I joined Grantham running club and enjoyed the company and training sessions since then. There have been some odd reactions from some quarters to my running one being my sister who phone Kate my wife to tell her to talk me out of running the Peterborough half marathon much to her amusement. Note from this she did not speak to me!
  • Injuries This seems to be a subject that is raised in conversation about running and many other sports. In taking up running the possibility of injury to joints etc did give me some thought for concern and comments from non-runners. The running up to now has not caused any problem other than aching muscles and sometimes a foot or a joint but so far no injuries. I did take a tumble out running in the dark and ended up on the floor by treading on a branch where a street light was out which resulted minor grazing. I aim to remain healthy and will try to avoid injury as much as possible. My philosophy on this is if you have an injury rest recover and gradually resume training.
  • Trainers worn. My running shoes are Asics chosen because I used their indoor court shoes that have been very good over many years. Sports shoes for most sports are an extremely important piece of equipment. In running they stop us sliding about and give a cushion from the ground. My opinion has changed on preferred choice of shoe design since running races over the last 6 months. A thick sole and heel with plenty of cushioning effect would have been a preferred choice then but consider the thinner sole and heal a better choice now. A lower centre of gravity and good foot placement seem to be the factors
  • Top tips from my experience. Keep training on a regular basis as there is always something to aim at.
  • How many miles per week running about 20