Around 7,000 ran in the marathon with thousands of others lining the course to cheer them on.

Grantham Running Club’s Chairwoman Helen Brown praised the members who ran in their first major marathon of this season in Manchester and thanked them for their hard work in winter training that allowed them to achieve these times. All three seniors set substantial personal bests with first home Andrew Past actually overtaking the 3:15 pace runner in the final mile. She also expressed her pride in GRC having two ladies in the top 100 marathon runners in the UK rankings for the first time with Catherine Payne also inside the top ten for her age group.

Andrew Pask 03:14:26Male64.17%
Ben Mason 03:21:55Male61.86%
Catherine Payne 03:22:46Female77.23%
Holly Durham 03:23:26Female66.76%
Robert Mcardle 03:36:12Male66.82%