Louth, Race 4

For the women, Anna O'Hare continued her brilliant performance by coming 2nd (but 1st senior), so finishes (from best 3 out of 4 results) 2nd, 2nd and 1st.

Catherine Payne finished 11th, Penny Hodges 13th and Sarah High 25th.

For the men, Rob Howbrook finished 28th, Chris Armstrong 31st, Mark Hilson 42nd, Ben Mason 46th, Marc Tremain 48th, Nick Day 56th (his first cross country for the club), Paul Durham 58th.

League Final Results

A big thankyou to all who participated or supported. A very successful 2014 league for us.

Congratulations to Anna O'Hare who won the Senior Ladies Section and the Ladies Team for coming second overall.

Sen Women

1st RC Anna O'Hare 5pts

Vet Women

6th RC Penny Hodges 20pts

9th RC Sarah High 39pts

Women’s Teams

2nd Grantham Running Club A 76pts

Senior Men's

8th RC Marc Tremain 45pts

10th RC Paul Durham 52pts

Vet Men

12th RC Dean Riggall 43pts

13th RC Christopher Armstrong 54pts

Men’s Teams

10th Grantham Running Club A 279pts

12th Grantham Running Club B 441pts