With sessions on four weekday evenings, we offer a wide range of training options for runners of all abilites. Grantham Running Club has three UKA licenced coaches, supported by twelve UKA licenced Run Leaders who structure and oversee these workouts. Details of the sessions are on our Diary page and posted on our closed club Facebook page.

Our Monday evening 5k sessions are particularly suitable for those who are novice runners or those who are returning from a lay-off from running for whatever reason.

In the winter months where it is dark in the evening we run mostly in the street lit roads of Grantham, except for the Thursday headtorch session which takes runners further afield on unlit roads and fields. High vis clothing is compulsory during winter sessions. With natural light in the summer we make full use of the quiet country lanes, scenic footpaths and well maintained canal paths that surround Grantham.

Look out for our regular special sessions that are designed to bring some variety and fun to your training regime and are designed to be inclusive for all our runners. We also have seasonal variations to our training, such as marathon paced runs on a Thursday in advance of the spring marathon season and group long runs on a Sunday morning during the marathon training runs.

Generally sessions cater for runners of all abilities but some cater for more experienced runners. We do our best to advise in advance what pace is expected and/or the distance we are likely to run.

We run promptly at the times stated. Please arrive early to if you need to change / warm up etc. Our Tuesday and Thursday sessions do not feature a Run Leader / Coach based warm up / stretching routine. If you wish to stretch etc before the run, allow time to do so.

Please email us before your initial visit so we can be sure to have a Run Leader look out for you.


Cycle Centre at St Catherine’s Road


We have a 5k and a 10k group running weekly from the Meres Leisure Centre at 18:45 (meet in outer reception area). These sessions are suitable for all; the 5k group is tailored for the novice runner.


Tuesday night is reps night. From hill efforts to mile repetitions; HIIT sessions to Yassos, these sessions are primarily for runners who have some experience in racing and want to improve their peformance through short, hard efforts followed by recovery. Unless otherwise specified, meet at the Cycle Centre at St Catherine’s Road, Grantham at 18:45.


We have 5K and 10k groups running weekly from the Meres Leisure Centre at 18:45 (meet in outer reception area). Typically this is the most varied of our weekly sessions, alternating regular runs with occasional interval type sessions or one of our specials.. Check the diary in advance for more information.

We also offer a track session tailored to suit runners of all abilities from 19:00-20:30 at the Meres Leiasure Centre in conjunction with Grantham Athletics Club and Belvoir Tri Club. This is our only session with a fee - to cover the costs of track hire.


Typically we have a group run in excess of nine miles with a group running around 8:15 - 9:10 per mile. In the winter a head-torch is required. An alternative town based run in the winter is advertised in advance if it is taking place.

Meet at the Cycle Centre at St Catherine’s Road, Grantham at 18:45.


There is no formal club run. Members are welcome to post on our closed Facebook page if they wish to arrange a run over the weekend with like minded members. Many members take part at the weekly Belton House parkrun on a Saturday morning.