Rasselbock Summer Run 2023

9th July saw group of runners from Grantham Running Club take part in the Rasselbock Summer Run, a looped 6 hour race at Sherwood Pines. The race is run on a scenic 5.79km loop in Sherwood Forest, and has one simple goal, to attempt to complete as many laps as possible over the six hours. The multi terrain course takes in trail paths and access roads, with stunning views of the forest.

For several of the runners, this was their first experience of a looped course race, and some came expecting to only complete a few laps, but were inspired on the day to run further than they had before.

Rach Deans, Joni Goodband and Tracy Webb all completed 5 laps, a distance of 28.95 km. For Joni and Rach, this represented their longest run to date and they were proud to have accomplished this distance, given they has not expected to complete so many laps.

Marj Spendlow and Davina Honeywood rose to the challenge of the event to run their longest distance, and were delighted to complete 6 laps apiece, achieving 34.74 km.

Kate Marshall completed the round up of Grantham runners, running 7 laps and a distance of 40.53 km. Using the event as part of her training for a later summer ultra, Kate enjoyed the beautiful day of running in the forest on a sunny summer day.

The small race was friendly and well organised, with excellent support from the marshals. The runners particularly appreciated the well stocked aid station, complete with a dazzling array of sweets. The sustainable approach to the race was also welcomed, with a cup free aid station and an unusual carved wooden momento replacing the traditional medal. The Grantham gang all agreed that it was definitely one for a return visit.

The race winner was James Wynn, completing 11 laps in 05:54:47.

Report by Kate Marshall

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