Nick Payne July 2023

The winner of this month’s member of the month earned the title in what can be described as a monumental, gargantuan, Herculean five-week effort racked with immense physical endurance, a strength of guts, soul and undeniably extreme mental fortitude reserved for a small but very special breed of ‘ultra’ Ultra-runners…running the entire length of Great Britain!

It is impossible to do it anywhere near the justice it richly deserve so to try to summarise by scamping some of the bonkers statistics from the epic race report that don’t make sense just typing them. I implore you to read the whole thing!

“His route covered over 1,000 miles”
“100,000 ft of elevation or over 3 times the height of Mount Everest.”
“31 days running “– “an average of 34 miles a day “
“accosted by some cows…“
“After tough days runners learned to treat the following day as a slow 30-mile recovery run”
“plenty of strapping “

The winner of July’s Member of the Month started in June, finally finished the event in John O’Groats on Friday 7th July.

Your Winner is the indomitable, Nick Payne

In his words: “now time for a lie down”

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