Caythorpe Dash, 2023

On Sunday 26th March 5 members of Grantham Running Club made the short trip to the village of Caythorpe for the biannual Caythorpe Dash. Held twice a year, the March event sees a 5k and half marathon race and September holding 5k and 10k races.

For the sold-out spring event, there were 4 classifications: a 5k, 5k-CaniCross , half marathon and half marathon CaniCross.

All club members opted for the 5k distance, with two choosing to run with their canine companions. The recent wet weather had made its mark on the mostly trail route, adding an element of ‘fun’ as the runners dodged puddles and tried to avoid slipping on the slick sections of greasy mud.

In the 5k, Martin Rodell was first home for the Club in 9th place with a time of 24:58 having already run 3 miles to the event. Gillian Cardus and Vicki Geeson ran the race together, coming in 37th and 38th place in 37:34 and 37:40 respectively.

In the 5k CaniCross, Alan Carley ran with his trusty companion, Fergus, and with a great time of 21:24, came in 3rd place. Vicki Ball had run the event in 2020 with her dog, Monty, and was pleased to come in 33 seconds quicker, at 24:11 and 7th place.

After the race, everyone enjoyed a slice of home-made cake whilst they discussed their adventures in the mud and how trail shoes would have been beneficial.

The 5k was won by Ben Allen in 17:53 and Jenny McBain 22:38. The 5k CaniCross by Sarah Murdoch in 18:24 and Paul Chandler 19:53.

The half marathon was won by James Ross in 1:19:46 and Samantha Cullen in 1:29:08. The half marathon CaniCross by Jess Ross 1:37:43 and Steve Bienkowski in 1:57:58.

Report by Vicki Ball

Pics c/o Richard Hall

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