Caythorpe Dash

On Sunday 11th September, whilst most sporting events were on hold following the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
there were a couple of running events that took place to raise money for local and national charities.  Whilst most of the attention was on Newcastle where the 41st Great North Run took place, 170 miles south and on a much smaller scale, with just over 100 runners taking part was the Autumn version of the Caythorpe Dash.  This was somewhat of a disappointing turnout
for this fantastically organised event with lovely country views, even if the course could be described as testing. 

There were 4 classifications with a 10k, 10k CaniX, 5k and 5k CaniX.  Again, a very disappointing number of GRC members turned up for this local event with only 2 members.  Paul Jepson was the only entrant in the 10k and whilst still recovering from injury had hoped for an improved result, he started steadily maintaining his midfield position and then in the second half of the race was able to push on and pass several other runners to finish 33rd overall in a time of 55:09.

The other GRC member was Stuart Baty who took part in the 5k CaniX with his ever willing 4-legged companion Oscar.  The downhill section out of the village down Wheatgrass Lane is always tricky but when being pulled by an enthusiastic pooch
on an uneven surface it does make for interesting running.  Unfortunately what goes down usually comes back up again and so it proved with Gorse Hill Lane, a particularly long arduous climb for man and beast.  They were happy with a third-place finish just under 30 seconds behind second place in a time of 27:14.

The 10k races were won by James Ross from Wharncliffe Side Runners, Sheffield and Jenny Bosman from Newark in times of 35:39 and 45:21 respectively.  The 5k races were won by Jason Taylor from Louth and Lucie Bell from Grantham in times of 23:57 and 27:35 respectively.

The CaniX events were won by Katie Davill in the 10k in a time of 54:39 and Lisa Pask in the 5k in a time of 25:23.

The next Calthorpe Dash is scheduled to take place Sunday 26th March.  Please support your local events.

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