GRC Awards Night 2023 Report

Nearly 70 members attended Grantham Running Club’s annual presentation evening at the Masonic Hall at Faraday House at the weekend. The hugely popular event recognises the achievements of the members over the previous year with silverware awarded for some amazing performances. The evening also offered an opportunity to look back at some of the best and funniest moments of 2023 with various slideshows and alternative awards.

The awards part of the evening began with the presentation of the Club standards which are awarded for people’s best age graded performance in a qualifying road race and range from Tin up to Platinum standard.

Next (after a break for food and a trip to the bar) came the individual trophies for various categories. Big winners of the night included Catherine Payne, Russel Whittaker, Joaquim Jeronimo and Caroline Davis who won in multiple categories and whose tables were heaving with silverware at the end of the night.

The evening certainly had the feelgood factor with members enthusiastically celebrating one another’s accomplishments and socialising together, embodying the true spirit of GRC.

Full Results
Men’s 5k Champion – Russel Whittaker
Ladies 5k Champion – Penny Hodges
Men’s 10k Champion – Gavin potter
Ladies 10k Champion – Holly Durham
Men’s Half Marathon Champion – Joaquim Jeronimo
Ladies Half Marathon Champion – Rachel Hamilton
Men’s Marathon Champion – Piers Pye-Watson
Ladies Marathon Champion – Caroline Davis
Ultra-Runner of the year – Nick Payne
Cross Country Runner of the year – Jason Walker
Best Newcomer – James McMullen
Biggest Improvement – Holly Wragg
Men’s Points Champion – Paul Jepson
Ladies Points Champion – Caroline Davis
Members Member of the year – Sylv Hull
Men’s GP Series Champion – Russel Whittaker
Ladies GP Series Champion – Catherine Payne
Men’s Club Champion – Joaquim Jeronimo
Ladies Club Champion – Catherine Payne
Nathan Walker Memorial Trophy – Nick Payne

Pictures c/o Richard Hall Photography

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