Hell on the Humber

On Saturday 23rd march GRC had 2 runners taking part in the 6 hour Hell on the Humber event. At a time of the year where many races are taking place over more conventional distances for Vicky Willan and Chris Limmer they chose something a little out of the ordinary.

The format itself was relatively straightforward. Cross the humber bridge and back (a total of approximately 4 miles) as many times as you can in the allotted time. Despite sounding simple the gradual rise and fall of the bridge coupled with strong winds which whipped up around the towers of the bridge it offered runners a real challenge.

Chris was aiming for about 8 laps which he managed with an hour to spare. The cumulative effects of being battered by the wind and rather sore legs took their toll and his last crossing was more like a walk than a run and he chose to sit out the last hour as the rain lashed those left out there.

For Vicky it was more of a family affair as she completed 3 laps with her sister and then was visited by another sister during the race to help support and provide some much needed food and refreshment. Both Vicky and Chris were full of praise for the event and organizer Karl Jackson. Chris is already thinking of possibly returning in the future to try and get that 9th lap.

Photos courtesy of Karl Jackson and Vicky Willan

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