New GRC Record – Marathon with Wardrobe

GRC Runner Algernon Briggs has achieved a club first by becoming the first to complete a marathon while building an IKEA wardrobe.

The feat, regarded as one of the most challenging in modern road running, requires the runner to construct an IKEA wardrobe of any size from scratch while undertaking a marathon distance. Competitors are disqualified for using bad language or if any part of the wardrobe (excepting tools and fixings) touches the ground during the attempt. No assistance is permitted from other runners.

Briggs crossed the line in Stretford, Manchester in 2 days, 12 hours and 9 minutes with a completed Gursken wardrobe, measuring 49x55x186 cm on his back.

Asked how he’d found it, Briggs remarked that he’d hit the wall at 13 miles when he dropped the Allen key, but the most difficult part of the challenge was being unable to swear. He also said he didn’t like the light beige colour of the wardrobe, as he dropkicked it into the Bridgewater Canal, near the finish. The wardrobe would have sunk, except for the large number of other wardrobes preventing it.

Report by Lirf Loofa

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