Lenton Predictor Run

This coming Wednesday, 5th April, at 6.30pm, we would like to invite you to Lenton village to participate in the inaugural Lenton Predictor.

“What’s that,” we hear you ask?

Well, it’s a run with a twist.

The course is a 10K road route with some undulation, in a loop, within the Lenton countryside.

Each participant has to decide how long they think it will take them to run, and record that time with the timekeeper in advance.

Please email your name, and predicted time, to Fraser Marshall; james_fraser.marshall@virgin.net

Runners cannot use sports watches or other activity trackers to tell them either pace or time during the race, but instead must rely on their instincts as to how close to their predicted time they’ll finish.

The winner is the runner that achieves a finishing time closest to their predicted time, so it’s not about being the fastest, but more about your innate sense of pace and time.

Some participants have asked about Strava. If you can’t bear not recording a run, you can either put tape over your device to prevent you seeing info or set it to display something like heart rate info that won’t assist, or just put it in a pocket, but ideally just do without this time!

We hope to see lots of members for what we think will be a really enjoyable event that may also tell you a few things about your running you didn’t know.

Oh, and there will be cake at the finish!

Directions to Lenton

IMPORTANT – due to closures due to roadworks by the water board, you MUST get to Lenton from the direction of Ropsley. You CANNOT get to Lenton via Ingoldsby.

Head south-east from Ropsley on the Humby Road until it curves through a 90 degree left hand bend towards Sapperton. Take the right hand turn towards Hanby and carry on through it until you reach Lenton. You will see signs as you approach the village saying that you cannot enter Lenton; ignore these.

Parking is at St Peter’s Church. What3words reference:

Google Maps reference: St Peter’s Church

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