Welcome to the New GRC Website!

We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes to create an improved website for the club, and we’re delighted to finally unveil it.

As much as possible, we tried to adopt a ‘KISS’ approach – ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid!’ – or to quote another Internet design maxim, ‘Don’t make me think!’. We hope that you’ll find the revamped site simpler to navigate so that you can find what you want more quickly. We tried to put ourselves in the minds of our users and think, “What does someone wanting to enter the Solstice actually want from our website?” or “What does a prospective member need?”

A key objective was to get the Race Reports and Member of the Month blogs embedded as part of the main site, rather than hosted on Blogger as the old ones were. We have all of the posts from both blogs backed up and are gradually working our way through them to add them back to the site, starting with the MotM posts, so you’ll gradually see them re-appear.

We have also tried to rationalise our pages, so now, for example, the training and coaching information is on a single page. We’ve reduced the number of pages for the Summer Solstice to make it simpler to navigate.

We won’t have got everything right, and we know that we’ll never manage to please everyone, but we hope you’ll agree that the new site is a big improvement. We would welcome constructive feedback, suggestions etc, so do let us know what you think!

Fraser, Sylv and Kris

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