Whissendine 6ix

26 members of Grantham Running Club took the short journey to the village of Whissendine for the Whissendine 6ix which has been an annual event in the running calendar since 1985.

The six-mile course is an anticlockwise one lap circuit bordering Stapleford Park and features a number of rolling climbs and descents typical of the Rutland countryside surrounding Whissendine. The race, held this year on Friday 7th July, is part of ‘Feast Week’, a tradition of the village dating back to the Middle Ages which has been resurrected in recent years and incorporates a number of events to raise funds to support the village.

First back for GRC was Russel Whittaker coming home in an amazing 5th place and first in his age category with a time of 36:07. 4 members came back in close to each other Peter Bonner 41:06, Sam Dodwell 41:16, Chris Limmer 41:32 and Robin Atter 42:03. The first female back was Rachel Hamilton in 44:01 with Hannah Whittaker finishing just behind in 44:22. Rachel also finished 3rd in her Age category. Stefan Latter was next to finish in 46:09 who helped pace 2 new members Kevin Wallace 46:15 & Carlene Veasey 46:16

Runners received a bottle of beer and a decorated glass from the race sponsors Grainstore Brewery. Runners also enjoyed a hot dog which was organised by the local brownies & ice cream which was available at the finish line.

Full List of GRC results:
Russel Whittaker – 36:07
Peter Bonner – 41:06
Sam Dodwell – 41:15
Chris Limmer – 41:32
Robin Atter – 42:03
Rachel Hamilton – 44:01
Hannah Whittaker – 44:22
Stefan Later – 46:09
Kevin Wallace – 46:15
Carlene Veasey – 46:16
Paul Davis – 46:45
Nicci Whittaker – 50:22
Martin Rodell – 50:46
Paul Jepson – 51:05
Simon Allsopp – 52:04
Daniel Wallace – 52:10
Sylv Hull – 53:53
Caroline Davis – 54:56
Chris Smith – 55:37
Richard Urquart – 57:10
Stephen Fay – 57:45
Kate Marshall – 59:20
Catherine Wallace – 1:01:52
Clare Smith – 1:01:56
Tracy Webb – 1:04:50 (Course pb)
Yvonne Buckley – 1:13:59
Fraser Marshall – 1:17:59

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