Abi Kefford, Nov 2014

Age: 24

Occupation: Special Needs Teacher

Years Running: 4

Favourite race: London Marathon 2013

Least favourite race: Nene Valley 10 2014!

Why did you start running: To raise money for charity (London 10k for Great Ormond Street hospital)

Injuries: IT band, Plantar Fasciiatis.

Furthest Distance ran: 32 mile ultra-marathon

Trainers worn: Cloud-runners by On

Favourite running kit: My flashing water bottle by Ron Hill & Darn Tough Socks.

Top tips from my experience: Cross-training & sports massage are good ways of avoiding injury. Kit is something that takes time to experiment with, and incorporating track sprint sessions this July has allowed my lactate threshold to increase – good sessions to do.

How many miles per week running: Depends on time of year- prior to London next year I will be doing about 50-60 miles a week. Any more and I will get injured- so it’s quality rather than quantity.

Other hobbies: Gym classes, cooking and I want to travel more!

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