Edinburgh Marathon

On the 29th May, after months of training, Grantham Running Club’s Robin Atter made his way to bonny Scotland to run the Edinburgh Marathon.

This was Robin’s debut at the distance, and he was blown away by the atmosphere which was unlike anything he had experienced at other races.  The start was amazing, with prestart music and a count down. All the runners were clapping, and emotions were running high. 

After a strong start, the Robin hit the infamous ‘wall’ which left him feeling sick. But a fellow runner saw him struggling and
said he felt the same.  They decided to run together and got each other to the last half a mile, at which point he tapped Robin on the shoulder and said “Keep going; I’m done for, but
you got this in you to run it”.  Robin commented that he will never forget how a complete stranger helped so much.

He met loads of runners over the weekend and whilst he may never have felt so ill after a run, it’s a memory that will stick with him for ever.

Robin’s finish time was 03:36:13 and he has no doubt that the support on route was fantastic and kept him going.  He also credits the training guidance he got from Grantham Running Club coach Chris Limmer.

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