Sam Dodwell, May 22

Greetings! Can I once again effuse my sincerest apologies from the very top of the piece. For various reasons, I won’t bore you with, time has not been my own this month!

Boring introductions aside, lets crack on with May’s Member of the Month.

It started with a bang! A popular and longstanding race fixture on the very first day of the month with Bank Holiday celebratory ‘Beer ‘N Bling’ to close out the evening! I can tell you much re-hydration was consumed after a fantastic showing at Langtoft 10k.

Sam Jepson (whoever he is!), Holly Durham, Daniel Pierce, Stef Latter, Michelle Parczuk, Phil Crowcroft, Mark Rice and Holly Wragg were thrilled to cross the line with PB’s to the tune of rapturous support.

Fraser Marshall was another. His impressive comeback continues to bear fruit as his discipline and new training regime comes to the fore. His in-game race plan was quickly revised and revised again as he defied his own expectations. A finish time of 52:20 it represents a 2 minute and 38 second improvement from his previous PB.

Elsewhere, Peter Bonner waddled his way round Wymeswold – Sorry Peter, but it literally is what the race is called! Knocking shoulders with local elite Gemma Steel. A half dozen took to local favorite Caythorpe Dash, which used the race to raise funds for our friends in Ukraine.
2nd claim member Alex Curtis continues to grow in statue with the 2nd fastest half of the year for GRC in 01:21:42 at Leeds Half. Caroline ‘Ultra’ Davis casually completed the 40 mile – yes FORTY – Dukeries Ultra in 07:19:14.

The inaugural 8 Sail Saunter at Heckington was hosted by neighbours Sleaford Striders. Four donning the ‘Green & Black’ over the 11.1 mile route with Phil Crowcroft being first home.

The much-vaunted return of the Trent 5 hosted by Beeston AC didn’t disappoint, 11 took the trip over to Nottingham to tackle the multi-terrain but flat course. Darren Harley forsaking his normal race shyness to return to his former club event. Other highlights, along with Darren were Yours truly, Alan Carley, Stuart Baty, Paul Jepson and the ever-impressive Sarah High all recording PB’s or category wins.

Making its official debut, the GRC ‘Canalathon’ saw some 28 runners join at various points along the 33.5-mile journey from Nottingham to Grantham. Battling humidity, heat, overgrown walkways and general off-road shenanigans. The brainchild of ‘long distance Limmer’ he was joined all the way by Caroline Davis (not quite the 42 miles of the previous week!!) and ‘she must be crazy’ Kate Marshall as she gears up for her own ultra, later in the summer… Much kudos to those who supported at various times and for various lengths – including the omnipresent Dale Towning who acted as 2 wheel support crew the whole way. If it was tough for runners imagine a bike! Phew!

Robin Atter made his marathon debut on the scenic Edinburgh Marathon course. Encapsulating a fighting spirit Robin battled fatigue, nausea and ‘hitting the wall’ to finish in a commendable 03:36:13. A time only to come down as he learns the marathon craft. (He also wore ‘Green’ and Black for the first time! 😉)

We bookend our round up with yet another fantastic day to live long in the memory, in an already record-breaking year so far.

Lincoln Wellington 5k Series (1K, 3k and Mile races too) made its much anticipated return at Yarborough Leisure Centre – a traditionally quick course with a ‘stacked’ field attracts local club runners. Having the pleasure of being the second biggest club in attendance save the host club LWAC, it provided a fruitful journey.

Joaquim ‘Flash’ Jeronimo was back to his best with a sublime 79% age grading and narrowly missing out on sub 17 – his 17:08 moving him to 5th on the all-time Mens 5k list*. Only Jepson, Kingston-Lee, Williams, and Palmer ahead.

Two of the most notable performances came from Stewart Pick, achieving his first ‘sub 20’ 5k time and an age grade of 79.13% and Rob Howbrook achieving an awe-inspiring 80:61% age grading and age category win. Stefan Latter and Daniel Pearce also enjoyed success with sub 21:00 PB’s with Peter Bonner, Robert McArdle and Paul Jepson all securing seasons bests and 70%+ age gradings.

The Club’s ladies also enjoyed remarkable results, with all running personal bests and 70%+ age gradings. First home was Holly Durham in 20:34, who ran a difficult race, achieving a hard fought three second PB. Third club lady home was Michelle Parczuk with a 25 second personal best. Sarah High, securing another age category win and 1:07 minute personal best of 25:25!

Well, I for one need a sit down and we’re not even done yet!

Mayhem May – as I’ll call it now – brought us many stonking performances across the spectrum as I’m sure you’ll agree, but there are some inconspicuous absences that I feel we ought to address.

Runner Up
This month has gone through a bit of a lull and injury in recent times. There is much to be said of ‘mojo’ and the appetite, desire and mental strength required to run consistently – it goes hand-in-hand with the physical side of things. And it’s not all about ‘racing’ – indeed maybe we place too much import on racing and performing.

Going back to basics, she has exuded remarkable ‘bouncebackability’ and is running better and freer than perhaps ever before. This has carried into her racing, as she continues to grow in confidence and belief.

With an unexpected 41 second personal best of 20:59 and her highest age grading to date of 75.02%, let us appreciate the brilliant Penny Hodges!

To the unanimous winner of May, has been in the most electric form I think the club has seen for many a year. Every single distance raced this year has been bested. Every. Single. One.

Let me break it down:

Marathon = Pb. Half Marathon = Pb. 10k = Pb. 5 Mile = Pb. 5k = Pb.

And some not just once…

Opening his account with perhaps his race of his ‘career’ the Langtoft 10k saw him enter the pantheon of the club runners Mecca by ‘breaking 40’ – a superbly paced but aggressive 39:37. The man was back at the Beeston 5 high and on his went his string of continued success. His time of 32:38 was a brilliant PB of 02:28. Some leap that!

Lincoln the scene of the last but equally impressive Pb dismantling. Clearly riding high on confidence, he sought out to not just scrape under 20 minutes but set about attacking the 19-minute barrier! Clocking 19:10 it was just reward for his fantastic month long efforts!

May Member of the Month

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for Samuel Ian Dodwell!!

Sam Dodwell, Langtoft, 2022
Sam Dodwell, Langtoft, 2022

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