Tbilisi Hills Trail Race

Grantham Running Club’s resident globetrotter Nev Chamberlain continued his quest to race in far-flung places when he took part in the Tbilisi Hills trail race. Taking place near the capital of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, runners took on the trails of the beautiful Krtsanisi hills with amazing views of Tbilisi and an unusual perspective on Mount Kazbegi. The route followed the trails surrounded by trees and bushes and the characteristic flowering cacti, avoiding spines of which added another level of challenge to the race.

 There were 3 distances 18, 14 or 9km and Nev plumped for the 14km.  His gun time was 1.39:12 which placed him 56th out of 85 finishers.  He remarked that he was a bit disappointed with his placing until looking in a bit more detail. There were only 6 other runners over the age of 45 and he was the oldest by 7 years which kind of made him feel a bit better!

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