Andy Atter, Jan 2017

Age: 35

Occupation: Primary School Teacher

Years running: 2 with GRC. I dabbled in running a little bit before joining the club but I wouldn’t have called myself a runner.

Favourite Race: Perkins Great Eastern Run. Mainly due to a race plan that I stuck to and it resulted in a PB!

Least Favourite race: Holme Pierrepont 10k last year was horrible running along the regatta into a strong wind. It was fine the year before but I don’t think I will do it again.

Why did you start road running? A. Because I love eating. B. I stopped playing football due to age and golf as it took so long to try running as I could keep fit and I thought I could be flexible with time! Then I started to enjoy the long runs and now realise I probably spend more time running than I ever did the other two sports!

Injuries received? Nothing major luckily. I had an illness last year which meant very little running at the start of 2016 but I’ve kept injury free since.

Average miles run per week: Anything from 15-25 usually although I’m upping it at present for my Spring marathon (Manchester)

Furthest Distance ran? About 28 miles with Ben Smith when I went up to Goole in August 2016

Trainers worn: Adidas Supernovas

Top running tip: Save the race pace for the race – that’s when it counts.

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