Chris Limmer, Dec 2015

Occupation: Science Teacher

Years Running: 8 years 6 months (14 marathons)

Favourite Race: Ashby 20, lovely undulating course, great support and the goody bag consists of a nice warm hoody and a cheese cob. What’s not to like!

Least Favourite Race: I don’t really have one! If I was being fussy then I’d say cross country as you have to go off hard and fast to get position as overtaking can be tricky. This is something the road runner in me doesn’t like having to do after blowing up during races having gone off too fast.

Why did you start running? Wanting to compete with/beat my elder brother who ran London in 2007. We’ve to-ed and fro-ed over recent years but now he is comfortably a lot lot quicker than me.

Injuries received? The odd issue with shin splints and the odd short term strain/tendinitis.

Furthest Distance ran? 66 miles as part of a pair at the 2014 thunder run with my brother.

Trainers worn: Anything that stops me getting dreaded shin splints!

Top tip from your experience: “If you’re not enjoying it, slow down.” Helped me a lot through the longer training runs in the winter/spring. Just by easing off the pace a bit and either chatting with other runners or enjoying the simplicity of putting one foot in front of the other you can get more from a run than you realise.

How many miles do you run per week? During term time 20-30, school holidays anything up to 60.

Favourite Running Kit? Vaseline! I’ll leave it at that!

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