Gav Meadows, Sept 2015

Age: Male Senior

Occupation: Retained Firefighter/Lorry Driver/Delivery Driver

Years Running: On & off since I joined the army at 18 (16 years). However, I only started competing in races in December 2014.

Favourite race: So far I would have to say the Thunder Run 24 (even though I wasn’t there for the full 24 hours). I love team events!

Least Favourite Race: If I had to pick one I would go for the Rugby Half Marathon – not much to
look at as you run around that course. However, I’ve enjoyed every race I’ve taken part in!

Why did you start running? Initially it was to get fit in preparation for joining the army. I carried this
on throughout my short military career and to a lesser extent, after I left. My inspiration for starting to compete and take my training more seriously was from someone I met last year.

Injuries received? None! I’ve been very lucky in that respect.

Furthest Distance ran? 20 miles – a training run today! I’m hoping that on Sunday 27th September this will change to 26.2 miles!

Trainers worn: Karrimor Trail Run 2. They make an excellent cross between road & trail shoes (can be worn for either).

Favourite running kit? Karrimor & GRC kit!
Top tip from your experience: Rest & recovery is just as important as training! I used to be a massive over-trainer when I was younger. I’ve now learned better!

How many miles do you run per week? After the Equinox 24 this weekend I will have completed a 58 mile week – my highest ever. I probably average about 25 miles per week.

Other Hobbies: Swimming (particularly open water). A sport I took up this year – I still have an awful lot to learn. Next year I will be taking part in relay triathlons (with someone else doing the bike leg). I also lift weights regularly – another thing I’ve done ever since my army days.

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