Matthew Kingston-Lee, Aug 2015

Age: MV40

Occupation: Motorsport Picture Desk Editor

Years Running: 36. I was hooked the moment I finished second at the Reception class Sports’ Day sprint race.

Favourite race: The 2013 Leeds Abbey Dash was the most pleasurable I’ve ever run, especially the opening 3k. Literally thousands of fast runners heading out at near flat out pace on a quiet Sunday morning on otherwise normally busy roads. It is how I imagine race jockeys may feel when racing.

Least Favourite Race: The 2012 Shakespeare (Stratford upon Avon) Marathon. Cancelled literally two minutes before the start because it was too wet… I don’t like to think about how angry I was…

Why did you start running? Because I could…

Injuries received? Too many to mention all of them. The last significant ones were sacrum stress fractures, the first on the right hand side, the second on the left. Rather painful to say the least, they had the unexpected blessing of getting me back into cycling and cross training in general, which I
think has helped loads in my current good streak of form.

Furthest Distance ran? 29 miles at the 2014 Baslow Boot Bash (three miles further than intended….)

Trainers worn: Currently: Nike Pegasus 30, Nike Free 4.0, Nike Lunarglide, Puma Faas 500, Nike Lunar Racer; Nike Flyknit.

Favourite running kit? Still my Garmin Forerunner 910XT. I wouldn’t leave home without it!

Top tip from your experience: If you can’t run, cross train. You can come back stronger than before.

How many miles do you run per week? Currently anything between 35-60 miles a week. I’m aiming to average two hours a day of any physical exercise, be it cycling, swimming, elliptical trainer, stepper etc.

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