Scott Jones, Oct 2016

Occupation: Postman

Years Running: 6

Favourite Race: I have a few favourite races for different reasons, and in fact i don’t race as much as I should. But my best race I guess will be my last one – Rockingham 10k. Reason for this is because I not only ran for a Personal Best, I ran for position.. And until another race presents itself to me, this one is my only one where I finished inside top 10 (7th).

Least Favourite Race: My least favourite race will be Stamford Valentine 30k last year. I was suffering a knee niggle on top of the worst stomach cramp ever. Closely followed by the Milton Keynes Marathon where I hit THAT famous wall!

Why did you start road running? I started running because I gave up the ciggies and needed an excuse to be fit… Running seemed the easiest option (How wrong I was…)

Injuries received? A few niggles, the odd knee, the odd ankle, the odd shin etc… usual suspects!

Furthest Distance ran? Well, I will say marathon… But the walk to the pub after the London Marathon this year was about the same pace as I finished my last mile so I will say 27 miles!

Trainers worn: Adidas Sonic Boost.

Top tip from your experience: Always carry toilet tissue.

Favourite running kit? Adidas

How many miles do you run per week? 40+, These are mixed paced… From 5+min pace to 8+min pace..It’s important to run both the slow miles and the fast ones.

Other hobbies? Believe this or not… I actually sing and play guitar in a band called ‘The 739’s’. It’s a brilliant covers band put together with mates from work. A 739 is that really annoying red card that we put through your door when you cannot be bothered to be at home when we call. Come and see us sometime but please leave the rotten tomatoes at home.

Scott Jones, MotM, Oct 2016
Scott Jones, MotM, Oct 2016

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